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“Wine&Soul a project that we put our heart & soul”

In the beginning, Jorge and Sandra started with just one ancient vineyard, an old lodge they transformed into a wine cellar, and a love for wines.

“It’s easy to understand why we named our company ‘Wine&Soul’, a project where we put our heart and soul. Where we create warm and personal wines that symbolize our life.”

Winemakers / Owners

Sandra Tavares da Silva & Jorge Serôdio Borges

“Our wines, due to their old age, suers minimal winemaking intervention, giving nature & the terroir to speak for themselves”

Wines & Olive Oil

We believe in the close relationship between Port & Douro wines. Wine&Soul wines are sourced from very old individual vineyards, low yields limited production, that showcase the character of each particular vineyard. Due to the old age of the vineyards our wines are made with a minimal winemaking intervention giving way for nature & terroir the lead and speaking for themselves.

“The picturesque vineyards of Wine&Soul are located in the heart of the Pinhão Valley which is the most recognized vineyard area of the Douro and Portugal best-know wine region.”

Initially, the winery included a single vineyard, Pintas, but through the years, it has gradually expanded to include additional properties, such as the magnificent Quinta da Manoella, located in the sparkling Pinhão Valley.

Wine&Soul has also received considerable critical praise for its delightful character-driven wines, all of which represent the exceptional fruitful and mineral terroir of the Douro region.

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